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Donna Simpson Target Weight 450Kg

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Most of the women want a body that porposional. No wonder they are desperately dieting to keep up appearances.

But not with Donna Simpson. Woman weighing 273 kg, it is precisely determined to add weight until doubled. The target is 450 kg!

This 42-year-old woman set a target to put on weight in the next two years. If the “ideals” to materialize, then he will become the fattest woman in the world.

Despite his crazy ideas opposed to the mother, but her husband is very supportive. In fact, she knew her husband through a dating site woman big size, will continue to support Simpson to eat in large portions.

“I think he’ll like it if I was fatter. He really supported me, “he said. To note, her husband only weighs 68 kg.

“Food is my favorite sushi. But unlike anyone else. I could eat sushi 70 posri great, “he told the Daily Mail, was quoted as saying Monday (15/3/2010). “I really like cakes and sweet foods. Doughnuts are my favorite, “he added.

So, what motivates him to fatten the body in a size that is not fair is it?

Apparently, this XXXXXXL sized woman hoping to gain success, having won the title “Mother fattest” version of The Guinness World Record in 2007 ago.

“I wanted to get 1,000 pounds. It may be very difficult, “he explained.

To achieve its goal, Donna need 12 thousand calorie intake per day. This amount is 600 percent of the average number of needs.

Funds needed to fatten gain of USD750 in one week. Simpson sponsored meal cost of a community site. The community will also oversee food and fast food only (fast food) is eaten.

Just to note, as a boy, his mother always gave large portions of food, and medicine penggemuk. By the time Simpson was nine years old, weighing 87 kg was reached. Caesarean section when she gave birth to her only daughter, needed 30 medical personnel to handle it.