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Gold Can Buy Through ATM Machines

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Automatic machine to buy food and drinks or automated teller machines (ATMs) to withdraw money, it is not weird anymore. However, the machine can be used to buy pure gold may not be a common sight.

Installed in the basement Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi with gold-plated ceilings and guests from among the nobles and millionaires who come to enjoy coffee with gold decoration on top, the machine that just seem to complement furniture.

“The reason we chose the Emirate Palace because it is very suited to the conditions around here,” said creator gold machine “Gold to Go” as well as corporate leaders Ex Oriente Lux, Thomas Geissler.

Views from the automatic machine thanks to a layer of shiny gold and gold is able to offer 320 types to choose from, ranging from gold bars weighing 10 grams to gold coins that can be tailored to customer desires.

“All the gold imported from Germany and soon we will provide a gold bar with the logo of Emirates Palace, which could be attractive souvenir for guests to take home,” said the German businessman.

Through a computerized system, the machine can automatically update the price of gold every 10 minutes to adjust to international market prices.

For now, the machine can only use local re-dirham currency, but the option to use credit cards will soon be completed.

Experiments automatic gold machine was first performed in Germany in 2009, but then chose Abu Dhabi Geissler for the inauguration of his creation because of the high demand for gold in the region.

“On the first night the machine was installed, we got many requests. One customer even bought one for every product that we have, “said Geissler.

Geissler judged appropriate measures, as more and more investors are choosing gold as an investment safe from the economic crisis.