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Abu Dhabi Build Carbon Pollution-Free Cities

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Abu Dhabi is building the first carbon neutral city in the world. The city is designed not only free from cars and skyscrapers, but also uses solar power.

Masdar Carbon Pollution-Free Cities Wow … Abu Dhabi Build Carbon Pollution-Free Cities

Abu Dhabi’s landscape at first glance looks like a place that does not make sense to build a city, let alone sustainable city. With the dry land, the only way to survive in this keemiratan with maximum technological support.

But Masdar privilege-if successful-will lie in the combination technology of the 21st century and the architect of a traditional style desert. The city is being built can accommodate about 50 thousand people, at least, 1,000 businesses and one university.

Project at a cost between 15-30 billion U.S. dollars were designed by British architect firm, Foster and Partners, and has been funded by the leaders of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The architects tried to convert solar energy as the biggest threat in the desert become the largest asset in the desert. They have built the largest solar power farm in the Middle East region in order to illuminate the Masdar and to offset diesel fuel use and burning of cement during the construction progress.

Engineers from different countries feel proud of their project. This is more than just building the project, but also functions as a laboratory and it is likely the result does not match expectations.

Masdar chief architect, Gerard Evenden, explains, the purpose of urban development is carbon neutral renewable energy Silicon Valley. Emirates Countries experiencing tremendous development growth in the world thanks to income from oil and with the aid of refrigeration, air conditioning that also depends on oil to operate.

However, Masdar City is set to be more cool and low-carbon. One solution appears once when visitors arrive at the walled city. Unlike the city of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Masdar compact like the ancient cities in the Arab world.

The streets purposely made narrow so that the existing buildings overshadow each other. Walls and roof of the building will be made in such a way that it can remove heat.

The front is equipped with a vertical screen that looks like a mesh of a net in order to avoid the sun but the wind can still enter. “Technology workers moon began to influence our thinking,” said Evenden, local time Sunday (28 / 3).

The engineer was having a test using a thin foil covers the paper surface, the gas blanket or vacuum to prevent heat entry. To move the wind, they build a windmill tower, so the wind can be directed into the streets without using force.

Conventional cars must be left at the gates of the city and visitors or residents who live there get to choose the mode of transport of the oldest and the most recent.

Masdar City will also have a mode of transportation or podcars Personal Rapid Transit. Vehicle without a driver is guided by a magnetic sensor which is driven by solar power and the vehicle can stop automatically when experiencing a problem.

Masdar project director Kaled Awad said Masdar would be a healthy city.
“Air quality will be better than the streets anywhere in the Gulf and in the world. It will create safety, health and happiness, “he explained.