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Use Indonesian Product of Handicraft to Compete China Products

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Furniture and Handicraft Industries Association of Indonesia optimistic that Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace can compete with China’s furniture products that is abundant in the domestic market today. Indeed, this is a war economy, but we should play in improving quality.

Chinese furniture products which flooded the potential domestic market reached 500 U.S. dollars million or approximately USD 4.6 trillion. While furniture made in Indonesia only managed to reach U.S. $ 250-300 million. ASMINDO target could increase the use of Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace up to U.S. $ 600 million over the next few years. They thought they it is their fault since during this time they were too focused on the export market, not the Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace inside Indonesia itself.

In order to compete with China, a local furniture businessman began holding parties real estate, apartments, and houses in promoting the production of furniture made in Indonesia and the Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace. Moreover, the exhibition’s financing mechanism will be made easier by the leasing system. So please do not just love Indonesian products but you should use products made in Indonesia.

In addition, there needs to be non-trade barriers through the production of standard goods coming from China’s furniture (through ecolabelling), certificate of Indonesian wood and furniture products are internationally recognized and pro-environment policies. You know, almost 85 percent of Chinese furniture spray to paint is toxic.