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Snake Eater’s Body in Pamekasan Not Myths

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Residents of West Longitude, District Batumarmar, Pamekasan, Madura, East Java, catch a cobra measuring about four feet long, are known to eat the corpse. Large-sized snake with a diameter of 40 cm meter is successfully captured the village residents in the local cemetery, while the snake was out of the hole a tomb collapsed. Large cobra is believed to be the predator’s body as in a common grave Village West Longitude many tombs are crumbling and his body was missing. Unlike the cobra snakes in general, cobras captured villagers West Longitude, District Batumarmar, Pamekasan, it’s all black. Most people understand the myth of the existence of predatory snake corpse. The reason is, since the snake four feet long with a diameter of 40 cm appeared to them, never rains in the village of West Longitude. “At first I wanted to give the snake to the Animal Husbandry Department to dimuseumkan at the zoo, but the citizens ban on the grounds that during the snake dream is not removed, the Village West Longitude not going to rain,” explained Rajaie.