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Companies Interested in Selling Ads With Twitter

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With the increasing popularity of microblogging service, Twitter has started to collect their financial coffers. For the first time, Twitter will offer ads in 140 characters that will appear in the sent user’s tweet

But do not worry about these ads will not interfere with Twitter users. These ads will only appear among the search results only. Classifieds called “Promoted Tweets”will appear at between 2-10 percent of the messages that come out of its search service.

“Users will begin to see the tweet campaign that sent the advertisers from the search results a few things that popular at,” said Sean Garrett, a spokesman for Twitter, Tuesday (13/4/2010) as reported by Reuters. Some companies are already interested to take advantage of this service. Among others, Best Buy, Virgin America, and Starbucks.

Classifieds are likely to be viewed millions of times. Twitter the new operating 2.5 years has now become one of the popular service in the world. But so far Twitter has not been commercially though it was a partnership with Google and Microsoft to integrate its message to appear in search services.