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Twitter Launches Free Application Tweetie

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Although more Twitter applications for various types of mobile phones, Twitter apparently wanted to also have their own application. Acquisition of a shortcut that made Twitter by taking over Tweetie, applications for accessing Twitter which has been available for iPhone users.

The application was also renamed to Twitter for the iPhone. If Tweetie 2.99 U.S. dollars had been sold through Apple’s App Store, now the Twitter for iPhone free. During this Tweetie is known as an application to access Twitter with the best user interface on the iPhone.

It seems the application will be further developed for other platforms. However, the main reason underlying the acquisition of Tweetie is a matter of names and availability. During this application was developed third parties.

“Many people are looking for applications from Twitter, but they did not find any. So, they are confused and give up, “said Evan Williams, Twitter CEO’s blog on Friday (04/09/2010) then.

Tweetie who won the Apple Design Award in 2009 as the best applications on the iPhone made by Loren Brichter, founder Atebits, the company that makes it. Brichter currently included in the Twitter development team and immediately prepare a Twitter application for the iPad