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Shaving Safety Tips

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The average man between ages 15-75 years old spend 900 hours to shaved (same with 37 ½ days). Indeed, shaving has become a form of modern men’s facial care.

In prehistoric times, sea shells used as a clamp to pull the hairs on the face. While the electric shaver tool was introduced in 1928, consists of a set that can move freely and rotate the handle while the back there are perforated metal foil. This tool is not only regarded as an innovation in the industrial revolution, but soon changed personal lives of men, and even become their sidekick. Since its introduction, shaving technology has evolved to become an important instrument body care.

There are two types of electric shaver, the foil and rotary. A rotating shaver has a cover with flexible heads that follow the contours of the face and neck, far reaching every strand of hair so as to produce clean-shaven face and smooth. For the men, Philips provides five tips shaved, among them:

Shave at least once every day

Shave especially in the morning before you leave home. Apply with light pressure and shave in a circular motion following the contours of the face.

Try to condense the time to shave with a more efficient tool

Based on research conducted by Philips, the average man spent three minutes to shave with an electric shaver; both located in front of the mirror, shower, in the car, or in the office.

Clean shaver every four weeks

As a car needs to be cleaned and polished to stay shiny, razors You also need to be cleaned four weeks to maintain cleanliness and speed. Play in the water to clean the head and the blade. Brush each blade slowly to clean up the remnants of facial oil or dirt.

Use a warm towel to soften fur

When touching the water, a hair less power than 1 / 3 to ½ than dry hair. Attach a warm towel on your face for about five minutes before shaving to soften the rough fur.

Understand the five-step shaving

Sideburns, cheeks, neck, upper lip (mustache), and chin. Follow these steps to clean up quickly each morning. This method is more methodical for your face. To complete the shaving, aftershave or add the use of moisturizing gel to protect skin after shaving. Avoid cologne and eau de toilette because the fragrances that contain alcohol can irritate your skin.