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The Power of Indonesian Handicrafts

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Indonesian furniture industry consists of products of wood (rubber wood, mahogany, teak, and acacia), rattan and metal / plastic either for export or domestic consumption. The Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace also caters those products too.

While large firms generally specialize in mixed panels (plywood, particle board and medium density fibreboard) and hardwood, small-medium scale producers focus on hardwood furniture. It is caused by the high capital costs required to produce coated furniture panels. For small-medium scale producers, the cost of materials purchased as the panel is still high, as the market price of these products is reflected in domestic demand and exports of plywood, particle board and medium density fibreboard.

The centres furniture and handicraft industries in Central Java, Indonesia, particularly rapidly evolving Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace in Semarang, Jepara, Solo and Yogyakarta. Furniture and handicraft industry is dominated by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the home industry system in cooperation with large industries and hopefully will increase the Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace.

The major problems faced by the Furniture Industry and Handicraft as follows: lack of raw materials, a negative brand image caused by illegal logging, low quality of Indonesian products compared to products from other countries, Indonesian products more expensive price than competitors, and preferred products certified. Can we do more for our Indonesia and Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace?

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