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Tablet Android 4.0 on Ainol Novo7

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The major vendors have so far no one has marketed tablet computer Android Ice Cream Sandwich. They apparently lost to start with a company in China which has sold Android 4.0.

Ainol Novo7 tablet called it a 7 inch. His ability is claimed qualified with 1 GHz processor made ??by vendors MIPS, 8-hour battery life and the ability to record HD video. Google itself seems to welcome the arrival of these tablets. According to them, Android tablets cheap with high performance is good for consumers.

“Tablet low price with high performance is a big win for consumers and a powerful illustration of how the openness of Android encourage innovation and competition that benefits consumers,” said Andy Rubin, Google’s Senior Vice President.

Currently, a new tablet computer in question circulating in China alone. But like the quote from Computerworld, Tuesday (12/06/2012), the plan also will be sold in various countries.

Ainol was overtaking a tablet from a major vendor that is merely poised to sell. Asus for instance, Prime Transformer ready market that use the Android 4.0 and quad-core processors later this year.