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T-Mobile 4G Hotspot (T-Mobile)

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Create your own personal hotspot while roaming about town and across the country with the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot, which offers convenient prepaid access to T-Mobile's blazing-fast 4G mobile broadband network–use data when you need to and refill easily on the web. You'll be able to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices–from laptops to tablets and mobile phones–using a single mobile broadband connection.

Easily pocketable T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot.
You can choose from three prepaid plans, ranging from $10 for 100 MB of use in a week to $30 for 1 GB or $50 for 3 GB of data used within 30 days.
Compact and lightweight for easy portability, the 4G Mobile Hotspot includes an LED screen that shows current connectivity to the T-Mobile mobile broadband network, battery power level, and number of devices connected to it via Wi-Fi. It also doubles as an USB thumb drive, with a microSD memory card slot that's compatible with optional cards up to 32 GB in size (see a larger schematic image of the 4G Mobile Hotspot). And you can even send and access text messages.
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Learn More T-Mobile's Expanding, Super-Fast 4G Mobile Broadband Network

As of August, 2011, T-Mobile has upgraded its traditional 3G network to HSPA+ 4G in 190 major metropolitan areas across the U.S.–covering 200 million people across the country–with plans to continue rolling out this network upgrade throughout 2011. With typical download speeds that are on par with or faster than competing 4G technologies, T-Mobile's HSPA+ network provides fast data speeds–up to 3 times faster than AT&T and Verizon's standard 3G networks–while allowing simultaneous voice and data capabilities for the ultimate wireless voice and data experience. You'll enjoy faster Web browsing, uninterrupted video streaming, and quicker app downloads.
T-Mobile's 4G mobile broadband network (powered by HSPA+) provides a theoretical capability of up to 21 Mbps peak download speeds, with average download speeds typically in the 5 to 8 Mbps range.
In areas not currently served by T-Mobile's 4G network, this mobile broadband hotspot will connect to the 3G network.