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Circumcision Can Prevent Cancer and Disease Gender

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Uncircumcised males take longer to eliminate the virus, such as human papillomavirus (HPV), of their bodies. In addition to causing cervical cancer, the virus can also trigger the onset of venereal disease and cancer in men.

Circumcision not only make conditions more healthy male gender but also her partner. “Our research suggests circumcision could be a protective effect of HPV infection,” said Dr.. Brenda Y. Hernandez from the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, as quoted from the MSNBC website.

Because men are not circumcised at high risk of transmitting HPV causes cervical cancer in women, then it could endanger their partner. Women infected with HPV can cause cervical cancer through sexual intercourse with men.

To determine whether circumcision affects a person’s risk of HPV infection and how circumcision can eliminate the virus from the body, researchers examined 357 men for 14 months. Every two months the men tested for HPV, 290 of whom were circumcised.

During the study, identified 536 different types of HPV infection, with no difference in risk between circumcised men and uncircumcised.

However, the researchers found that HPV infection in the head or glans penis avg average lasted for 154 days, in men who are not circumcised, and in men circumcised only lasts for 91 days.