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Strange Structure in the Near Stonehenge

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The team of scientists discovered a circular structure near the famous monument of Stonehenge, England, Thursday, July 22, 2010. However, what exactly this structure is still a debate among scientists.

The team of scientists who mengsurvei site says that these structures could be the foundation for the wood pieces are positioned upright, or with another sentence, wooden version of Stonehenge.

However, professor of archeology at Bournemouth University, England, Tim Darvill, still in doubt. According to the circular structure is more like a lorry or a prehistoric grave.

However, example of proposal Darvill also said that the structure of the circle is one of the important discoveries of locations around Stonehenge is very broad. “Stonehenge is a ceremonial center in Europe,” he said.

Stonehenge can be witnessed now supposedly built about 3,500 years ago, although his first job at that location has done more than five thousand years ago.

The new structure was found when the scanner device to identify a group of holes that are surrounded by the holes smaller. The holes are found about 900 meters away from Stonehenge.

Archaeologist Henry Chapman of the University of Birmingham said sure the holes used to secure wooden poles which stand in a circle with a height of probably about three feet or more.