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The Story Life Journey of Steve Jobs

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The gadget maestro Steve Jobs last breath Wednesday night local time. Many are inherited by this man in a rearing Apple. He will be remembered as the father of revolutionary iPhone that is able to break the market.

Following Steve Jobs’s life journey to the end,

February 1955 – Born in San Francisco, California. Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, and has a sister named Patty. Jobs grew up in Northern California and from a small interested in electronics and gadgets, visible when spending time in the garage of his neighbor who worked at Hewlett-Packard, the electronics manufacturing company.

1972 – Graduated from High School. Then continued his studies at Reed College, Portland, Oregon. But two years later issued.

1976 – In collaboration with Steve Wozniak founded the company with a computer named “Apple”. Removing the first model named “Apple I”, which is a revolutionary product in computer technology at the time, in which computers become smaller, low cost, intuitive, and can be owned by everyone.

1977 – issued a “Apple II” with a first-year sales of $ 2, 7 million, and developed into a USD200 million over three years. “Apple II” creates a new market in the world of personal computers (PCs).

1980 – Removing the “Apple III”, but a failure and withdrawn from the market due to marketing and technical issues. Also that year Apple became a public company which has assets valued at USD1, 2 billion during the first day of trading.

Early 1983 – Launched “Lisa” that target groups of people who have little experience of computers. Not run smoothly, because of competition from products launched by IBM (International Business Machines). In this year lost half its market share controlled by IBM

1984 – Apple launches “Macintosh” first.

1985 – Resigned from Apple and form a company called NeXT which focuses on the education market.

1986 – Steve Jobs bought a small company named Pixar, along with Edwin Catmull engaged in computer animation, the film maker George Lucas for $ 10 million.

1991 – Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell, and has 4 children.

1995 – Pixar released the film “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2”, followed by “A Bug’s Life”,

December 1996 – Apple bought NeXT for USD400 million. Then Jobs returned to Apple as a consultant to CEO.

1997 – Jobs announced Apple is selling computers directly through the internet and telephone. Within a week the site became the third largest trading sites on the Internet.

1997 – Jobs became Apple’s interim CEO Gil Amelio replaced.

May 1998 – Apple introduced the iMac which prioritizes appearance

July 1999 – Apple iBook issue

January 2000 – Apple issued a new Internet business strategy incorporated in the Macintosh group, Internet-based applications on the same month and Jobs becomes permanent CEO at Apple.

2001 – First introduced to initiate the iPod digital media player.

2004 – Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and doctors perform surgery pancreatic tumor.

2006 – Walt Disney Pixar join.

2007 – The iPhone was first introduced and marketed, and has several types of development such as the iPhone 3G, 3G, and iPhone 4.

2010 – Apple introduced the iPad that serves as an e-Book Reader, music, movies, internet and other applications programs owned PCs.

June 6, 2011 – Introducing ICloud the opening of the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

August 25, 2011 – Jobs resigned from Apple and was replaced by Tim Cook, who joined Apple in 1999)

October 5, 2011 – Steve Jobs dies at age 56 due to pancreatic cancer.