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Sony Corp. of Japan Official Pull Somasi Against Sony AK

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Sony Corporation of Japan formally lifted the subpoena is posted to the site of Sony assessed Arianto Kurniawan domain like Sony Corp.. It was announced by Sony Arianto Kurniawan when contacted on Sunday (21/03/2010).

According to Sony AK, somasi Sony Corp. on Friday lifted the official site (19/3/2010) marked by the signing of an agreement between him and Japan’s Sony Corp., which was accompanied by PT Sony Indonesia. “So it has been able to use my domain again, it was clear with Sony Corp.,” he said. By signing the agreement, Sony AK entitled to use his own domain again as usual.

“Well there is baseball,” said Sony’s AK when asked whether there is any compensation in money from Sony Corp.. Previously, Sony Corp. of Japan has to apologize to Sony AK after undertaken several negotiations. Sony Corp. of Japan had sent a subpoena against the assessed visually similar to Sony Corp. domain. Japan’s Sony Corp. subpoena the criticism from Facebooker, bloggers, and other Internet users.