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Sinyal Seluler Maxis Malaysia Jajah Indonesia

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A number of residents Nunukan, East Kalimantan, upset with the inclusion of signal Maxis, a Malaysian mobile operator to the region. Not only feel disadvantaged because of diminished pulses when receiving a short message notification from the mobile phone operator in Malaysia, but the incoming signal suddenly also reduce the toll up to Rp 9,000.

“I do not know if my signal changed from sympathy to Maxis. At the time I received a call a friend, my pulse suddenly reduced Rp 9,000. I’ve also send an SMS, how come all of a sudden my pulse is reduced to Rp 4,000. Apparently Maxis comes in, “said Jufri, New Port Nunukan residents on Thursday (27/05/2010).

Signals from Indonesian mobile operator they use are often overwritten Maxis. Incoming short message notification contains a message “Welcome to Malaysia! Maxis wishes you a pleasant stay. The current rate is dated 26-05-2010 FOREX is 2786.72IDR = 1MYR “.

In the past two months, the stronger the signal Maxis even almost reach all areas of the island of Nunukan.