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SEO Games 2011 Winners “gogo2011 kobamusaji”

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SEO Games gogo2011 kobamusaji telah berakhir, selamat bwt para pemenang. Berikut kutipan resmi dari Inbound Marketing :

SEO Games 2011 Winners

We’re proud to announce the winners of our SEO Games 2011.

All these winners have putted their skills and energy in optimizing both in-page and off page SEO for their entry to be on the top of SERP.


We use this query to generates the result

SEO Games 2011 WinnersClick to enlarge

And the winners for SEO Games 2011 are

#1 mac.famous[at]

#2 saya[at]

#3 bersahaje15[at]

#4 admin[at]

#5 ads.napster[at]

#6 epulsa[at]

#7 renggap[at]

#8 adamlogam[at]

#9 atikazafira[at]

#10 iwanfree7[at]

Winners are required to claim their prizes by sending email to desk[at] before May 25th, 2011. Please use the same email as the one that used for registration.

Email format

Subject : SEO Games 2011


Your Name :

Your Entries URL :

For #1 – #3rd winner

Your Paypal Email :



The money prizes will be transferred to your Paypal email on June 15th, 2011. And the free hosting prizes will be delivered in form of coupon code discounts to your email on May 26th, 2011.

Once again congratulations for all the winners. You guys deserve two thumbs up!

For the other registrants, thank you for your participation. You guys are awesome!

Last but not least, thank you for our sponsor for making this games possible.

SEO Games 2011 was fully sponsored by IndoNIC. An affordable and reliable hosting provider. Visit for awesome hosting services.

See you on SEO Games 2012



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