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A House 6 Times Affected Meteorite

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Two years ago, the recognition of this man became a sensation in a number of international media. Radivoje Lajic – Bosnian man’s name – the sudden fame in 2008 after claiming that the roof of his house in the village of Gornji Lajici, Bosnia, hit by a meteorite.

As quoted from the pages of the Daily Telegraph, the events of 2008 was not the first incident. Previously, it had been four times convicted Lajic home celestial bodies are not burning the atmosphere.

Now, in a matter of months, the space rock back upon his home, making the roof Lajic already hit six times “meteor attack” since 2007.

A number of experts at Belgrade University confirmed that the stones are handed over to the scientists Lajic it is true meteorite.

The team of scientists is trying to examine why the stones were targeting the home Lajic. According Lajic, space rocks that always fell during heavy rains, it never happened when the sky is clear.

Lajic of course had his own explanation. After the fifth stone upon his house, he said, “Obviously I am being targeted aliens. I do not know where that interfere with their actions, but there is no reasonable explanation.”

“Opportunity was hit by a meteorite is very small, but I was sentenced to six meteorites,” he said.

Male 50 years has even been installed steel roof to protect his home. Fund to install protective results were obtained from selling one of meteorites to a university in the Netherlands.

“I believe I was targeted aliens,” he added. “They want to play around with me. For some reason they do this. When it rains, I always worried about an attack,” said Lajic.