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Thousands of People Applied Crocs Shoes

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Thousands of people willing to queue for hours and jostling for a Crocs branded footwear at discounted prices up to 70 percent. Rubber shoes bearing the crocodile had been transformed into a lifestyle of urban residents.

Sociologist Imam B. Prasodjo see Crocs phenomenon as the success of a foreign product in manipulating the impression. People no longer merely interpret the products of its functions. “In the unconscious person, there is a strong urge to have,” he said when contacted VIVAnews, Tuesday, March 16, 2010.

With its marketing strategy, the product is no longer called but the lifestyle footwear. “It’s modern consumerism, where people are not buying out of necessity but also because of the lifestyle that dynamically works,” he said.

Although a mass product, the manipulation of impression making closed-cell rubber shoes as an expensive lifestyle. So, when there is a party which reached 70 percent discount, even rich people willing to queue to get products worth USD 450 thousand to Rp 1.4 million. “Not that rich people can not afford to buy at a time when other, but would not release a golden opportunity,” he said.

Understanding the phenomenon of the queue was certainly different understanding of people queuing up groceries or a BLT. There are queued because there is also need to queue lifestyle. “Poor people need to queue, queue wealthy lifestyle,” he said. So, why thousands of the queue? “That pinternya strategic marketing creates needs,” he said.