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57 The discovery of the Tomb of Ancient Egypt

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As many as 57 ancient tombs found in Egypt. Most of the form of ornate wooden coffin with a mummy style in it.

As reported the Associated Press (AP) Sunday, May 23, 2010 edition, this invention provides new knowledge of ancient Egyptian treasures confidence.

The findings of archaeologists was delivered Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. The Board explained that the oldest grave dated around 2750 years BC.

In the period was estimated at the time of the first and second dynasties of Egypt. A total of 12 of them were known to be the tomb of the 18th dynasty ruler who ruled Egypt in the second century BC.

Head of Egyptian Archaeology Zahi Hawass said the mummies from the 18th dynasty is enclosed in a linen reads spells from the Book of Death. Mummies were also given the figure drawings of ancient Egyptian gods.

Abdel Rahman El-Aydi, head of the archaeological mission said the same thing. That the tombs were decorated with religious texts. According to Ancient Egyptian beliefs, the text will help the spirits so as not to stray into the nature of hell.

On 31 tombs dated between 2030-1840 BC, archaeologists found a picture of ancient Egyptian gods are different. The gods like Horus, Hathor, Khnum and Amun, as a garnish.

The Board also said that the invention is obtained from excavations in Lahoun, Fayoum. Its location, located about 70 miles or about 100 kilometers south of Cairo. Last year, a total of 53 tomb stones with a variety of ancient times were also found in the region.