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Child Rapist Caught Underage Bali

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After a cat and mouse with police for one and a half months, a serial child rapist in Bali finally arrested by members of the Criminal Police Sector Kuta around 04.00 pm early this morning. The suspect named Mohamed David Suharto (30) caught when police officers conduct routine patrols in the Kuta tourist area around Kuta.

At that time the police suspicious of the movements of suspects who use motorcycles Honda Supra police numbered S-4758-KK. After the police opened the helmet suspect, it turns out the same physical characteristics with a sketch of the spread so far, of which there were scarred in the nose. The suspect was taken for questioning.

“After we check, the suspect admitted his actions, namely in the area of ??raping five boys and Narakusuma Monang-Maning, Denpasar,” said Inspector General of Police Sutisna when giving a press statement to reporters in Poltabes Denpasar on Sunday (16/05/2010) at 10:30 pm.

Within the last 4 months, The Scar, nicknamed the suspect, raping five boys elementary school in the area of ??Denpasar. Four victims are primary school students in the area Monang-Maning and 1 other victims in one elementary school on the road Narakusuma.