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PayPal Can Access in All Smartphones

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The new mobile application for mobile phone users in APAC PayPal has now present. Phone users the iPhone, Blackberry and Android can download applications for free through the PayPal store each application. As for other brands of mobile phone users can access via a WAP browser.

PayPal Mobile application allows users to send money quickly and safely for such private payments, pay debts to friends, or pay the dinner bill separately. PayPal members can also check account balances and view their transaction history and on the go. To ensure that mobile payments are safe, every transaction is confirmed by a password.

“Consumers today want a quick, safe and convenient way to conduct financial transactions online,” said Rahul Shinghal, Regional Manager for PayPal Mobile Asia Pacific.

According to Rahul, this is clear evidence that mobile phones increasingly become an important part of everyday life in Indonesia. Availability PayPal on the mobile phones are considered a natural development when PayPal strives to provide online transaction experience the most comfortable and safe are available in Indonesia.

With PayPal’s new mobile applications, users can now securely manage their finances online, and send the money to pay quickly, both local and around the world.

PayPal applications for smartphones can be downloaded at the following address,
BlackBerry App World at / appworld
iPhone, at / iphone / apps-for-iphone
Other phones, in

PayPal is the leader in safer online payments covering more than 78 million active accounts in 190 places around the world. This global reach, along with the growth of mobile phone penetration, will enable a more secure and easier to send payment via phone. Users can send personal payments to anyone in your contacts list, so no need to remember email addresses and phone numbers. Users can also examine the recent history and account balances directly from their phones.

PayPal is the faster and more secure to pay and get paid online. This service allows members to send and receive payments without revealing financial information with the flexibility to pay and get paid with a variety of secure payment options, including account balances, bank accounts (in the state recognized), credit cards, or promotional financing. With more than 78 million active accounts in 190 countries and 24 currencies in the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce.

In the U.S. PayPal is the payment service on the Web’s most selected after Visa. In the UK and Australia, form the PayPal payment service on the Web’s most selected.
PayPal’s total payment volume, the amount of the total value of transactions in 2008 showed the 9 percent of the value of global e-commerce.



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