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Paul Octopus Forecasters Predict Spain Champion World Cup 2010

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Paul Predicted the octopus into the most awaited ahead of the final match between the Netherlands and Spain at Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg on the weekend. Animals who claimed it was magic and magic shows its action.

When the flag is derived from the two finalist teams, Holland and Spain, where it is broadcast live by television stations all over Europe, Paul immediate ‘select’ Spain as the winner of the duel.

But there are things other than Paul is usually indicated. This two-year-old octopus only takes three minutes to predict who will win the match between Spain and the Netherlands. Whereas before, Paul took me about 70 minutes to make a decision.

“He chose quickly. Looks like Spain would win convincingly, “said a spokesman for Sea Life Oberhausen, Tanja Munzig, was quoted by Reuters.

For Paul himself, winner of the match to choose between the teams outside of Germany is a first for him. Previously, he was simply ‘assigned’ to predict the German team and the opposing team. But the manager of Sea Life to make an exception this time.