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Opera Software is Proud to Release Opera 11.60

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Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, officially released Opera 11.60, latest desktop browser today, Tuesday (06/12/2011). HTML5 browsers already support it had been able to try users.

Daud Irsan Aditirto, Indonesia Bussiness Development Director of Opera Software, which met in his press conference at Santika Hotel, Makassar, said that the latest desktop browser has several advantages such as more compatible for the web because it supports the new HTML5 parsing algorithm and can help break the code between the browser .

“In addition to HTML5 support, users can also add Opera 11.60 on speed dial favorite sites by clicking the star button located on its Opera browser, but Opera’s email client has been redesigned to keep in line with the lightweight design of the Opera,” says Daud.

Meanwhile, according to Jan Standal, VP Desktop Products, Opera Software, nearly 50% of the total population of the world netter never try a new Internet browser. But the momentum of this year’s holiday season will be used by Opera Software to give a gift for fans of the Opera.

In addition to Opera 11.60, Opera Software introduces Opera Mini earlier version 6.5 for smartphone owners, on November 2, 2011. The advantages of Opera Mini 6.5 can save as much as 90% of data usage and can monitor the amount of usage of the data purchased from mobile operators, using the features available in Opera Mini 6.5.

“Users of Opera Mini 6.5 when open facebook site that weighs 200 kilobytes with other browsers, Opera Mini 6.5 in only 20 kilobytes of data,” said Daud.