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Released Opera 10.50 For Windows

Released Opera 10.50 For Windows

Opera Software has produced Opera 10.50, a Web browser that claimed the fastest time in. The browser is intended for Windows computers.
Opera 10.50 with a new design that is sleek and smooth, comes with Private Browsing mode, where Opera would hide all traces of activity from the sites you visit.

Many improvements to the look and feel of the Opera, and the result is a Web cruise experience more streamlined, so you’ll have more space on the screen for site content. Opera menu button replaces the traditional menu bar button, so users only have a single point to access all the innovative features of Opera.

“Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser we’ve ever produced. On the machine is in it, we introduce a new JavaScript engine, Carakan, and a new graphics library, Vega. Which means for you is no longer need to wait a long time to load the site, “said the Opera in his official statement on Tuesday (02/03/2010).

10:50 Opera also lets you use the Private Browsing mode to delete the history of a particular site when navigating the Internet. Unlike other browsers, Opera 10.50 allows also to explore in the tabs individually or in a separate window.

In Windows 7/Vista, Opera looks very attractive with Aero Glass, Aero Peek and supports Lists and Fri. Users can easily access the Speed ??Dial tab and the other from the Taskbar.

In addition to new features, Opera is still pinning the previous features are not expected to exist in other browsers, like Opera Turbo, Unite Opera, and Opera Link.

“Opera 10.50 is the fastest browser on almost all speed tests. But, more important than speed test is a real-world speed during use. 10:50 Opera is designed to be easy to use, while still highlighting the unique features of other Opera, so you can get there on the Web a lot more. “Says CEO Lars Boilesen Opera.

10:50 Opera with support for HTML5 and CSS3 standards increase, providing the necessary tools by Web designers to create visually appealing web application, which works on open technology.

Opera is available for free at 10:50 Opera is currently available for Windows and comes in 42 different kinds of language options. Mac and Linux version will come soon after.




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