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Nikon D800 36.3 MP Review

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Nikon D800 ReviewNikon just released the Nikon D800 to the market. Nikon D800 is made purposed for professional users thus has many benefits include for begginer whom enthusiast in world photography.

For example, if we compared with the previous Nikon series (D700), Nikon D800 can also be used to record 1080p HD video and HDMI output is also available.

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Here are four things that interesting of the Nikon D800:


This camera has a full frame-sized sensor with 36.3 million pixel density. It is claimed as a full-frame sensor with high resolution in the world.

On the other hand, by maximized the performance of  Nikon D800, the camera will produce a very large file sizes. A RAW file can be sized 76 MB. If the 16-bit TIFF format can even be 212.1 MB.



Nikon D800 brags that the noise generated by the camera is relatively equivalent to D700, although the number of pixels it tripled.

This camera’s has sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 6400 in standard mode.but you are desired, the user could urgency to ISO 50 and ISO 25 600.

Basically, Nikon D800 has autofocus system which equal with D4. There are 51 focus spot which can be captured by the camera.
The autofocus also running in low lighting conditions, up-2EV (more or less like a night under the light of the moon).

Interestingly, the autofocus on Nikon D800 can run on a combination of aperture f / 8. It would be useful for those who like to wear the converter.

For example, a lens 600 mm f / 4 plus a 2x teleconverter will make 1200 mm lens at f / 8. With the Nikon D800, autofocus can continue to operate at the midpoint 11.

4. Video Full HD

Unlike the D700 which does not have video features, the Nikon D800 can be used to record video. In fact, video with full High Definition resolution (Full HD).

At 1080p, available frame rate of 30, 24 and 25p. While at 720p, its frame rate could reach 50p and 60p, to record slow motion.

Ability to introduce these products to the public, Nikon D800 made ??a short film titled Joy Ride, a duration of 6 minutes.

This short film recording the motor that moves at high speed. Nikon collaboration with photographer and videographer Sandro Miller for this short film.


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