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Mozilla Launches Fennec For Browser on Android

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Once heralded on Facebook, the internet browser Firefox Mobile (Fennec) is now available for download. Unfortunately this new unofficial version.

With the presence of Fennec, the third-party browser that will be embedded in mobile phones Android as the default browser, not just ‘monopolized’ Opera Mini.

Please note earlier, in June 2009, company executives pembesut Mozilla-Firefox-ever state that Fennec will not be developed on the Android, in the absence of support for the SDK (software development kit) from Google. But after the Android SDK out, it changed.

As quoted from detikINET BlogsDNA on Thursday (04/01/2009) one of the developers in a forum named Martin Schirr Android, has now conducted a series of tests related to it. The result Fennec can work smoothly on Motorola Milestone.

It seems that Android users to be patient the next 3-4 months, before the beta version of Fennec is really ready. If you want to try his unofficial version, please download the following link.