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‘Monster’ Macgregor Blood Troubling Ukrainian Citizens

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Residents of Kiev, Ukraine, some time ago with the emergence of panic mysterious creature that attacks humans and animals. ‘Vampires’ has been consuming most of the rabbits in the region. Even this creature had eaten some cat.

Witnesses said that the creature looked like a big dog with big eyes, sharp, and fiery. The animal was issued an unbearable stench. Villagers also said that the animal was hunted only at night.

“We finally keep the rabbits and chickens to protect them. People want to kill the creature, but they do not see it, “said the resident of Kiev, Nina.

Previously, they call a creature chupacabra appeared in Lvov and Cherkassk.

Currently chupacabra is no longer a giant demon Latin America alone. The creature that emerged in Russia and Ukraine several years ago. The incident was terrorizing western Ukraine in 2009.

Locals often come across the bodies of rabbits and chickens. Residents also said the creature was also frequently attacked the pig. Strong jaw trail on the wood fence to be evidence that the pigs were killed by a chupacabra.

When looking for food, they damage the fence rabbit and chicken, choking animals and suck their blood. This incident has killed nearly 100 rabbits in Zakarpatskaya region, Ukraine. Local farmers believe that it is the chupacabra.

Mysterious giant also appeared in Russia. These blood-sucking creatures appear in the Orenburg region in 2006. Farmers lose tens of turkeys, sheep, and goats.

They initially believed that pets have been killed by the Bobcats or wolves. Strange occurrence, because wolves eat the flesh of its prey, while the creatures are only drinking animal blood. Until finally no one can explain the strange death of the animals.

Chupacabra, which literally translated from Spanish as a sucker, is a phenomenon that emerged in 1995 in the mountains of Puerto Rico. The name is derived from the animal’s habits, that is attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

Physical description of the creature vary. However, some people guessed, this creature heavy. Measuring small bear, with a row of spines from the neck to base of tail.

A woman who saw the attack on the rabbit describe this creature as a giant kangaroo with red eyes. Another witness said that the animal had three or four feet high and have a skin like a dinosaur.

These animals also have large red eyes, long fangs, and nails in the back of the head and back. While biologists and local officials assess that the chupacabra is a legendary wildlife contemporary.