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Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car

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Having a Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car is a dream for every family in Indonesia, is not independent with the times and the proliferation of new products of various brands on the market. PT. Toyota-Astra Motor, is one manufacturer that is always innovating on products and services, to become the Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car.

Toyota crowned as the Best Family Car Ideal Indonesia is not too much, this is supported by Toyota’s received numerous awards from various circles. One of Toyota’s awards received recently was “The Greatest Brand of the Decade 2010”, the following quotation from the portal

Toyota Marks Decade Best Family Car Best Ideal Deer IndonesiaToyota awarded “The Greatest Brand of the Decade 2010” aka the best brands in the event of this decade marketeers Award. Toyota’s product was considered as a model that can last for 10 years and berdaptasi terakhir.Dalam event held Magazines & MarkPlus marketeers, Inc.. this, the Kijang Innova Toyota’s latest products, get the best value choice of Editor (Editor’s choice) and Internet users (netizens’s Choice) for the Product Brand – Automotive category. At the same event, PT Toyota-Astra Motor is also awarded the Corporate Brand – Automotive category choice of Internet users (netizens’ s choice).

Award for receiving the award at PT. Toyota-Astra Motor is inseparable from the philosophy that the founders invested Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), which is the philosophy of Customer First, Quality First. With it all, Toyota received the Deming Prize in 1965 for Toyota’s contribution to total quality control (TQC). And, making Toyota the Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car.

The struggle to become the Best Family Car Ideal Indonesia is not easy, of course we still remember the case of massive recall of 14 million cars earlier this year. Of course this makes people reluctant to buy products from Toyota. As reported in following:

To prove its commitment, in accordance with the philosophy and message-founder of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to invite foreign journalists to see first hand the quality test test facility in Toyota City Toyota (Toyota-cho) in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

It turned out that not only journalists from Asia are invited to see first hand the facilities and activities that Toyota’s quality test. Journalists from the United States-the country with the most consumer-recall having had a visit in late July.

Since March 30, Toyota formed a special committee for global quality. To strengthen the quality assurance by showing all work processes and services in accordance with the expectations of consumers, the Quality Committee is directly led by Toyota President Akio Toyoda.

Further, Toyota has a special unit to determine the regional quality standards, such as in North America, Europe, China, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, and Japan. Interestingly enough, to maintain quality of the Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car, Toyota admitted trying to improve human resource capabilities, from design, assembly, to monitor complaints from consumers.

With these efforts, PT. Toyota-Astra Motor ( is able to restore public confidence in Indonesia. And, for its products again awarded Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car.



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