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Mystery of ‘River’ in the Sea of ??Mexico

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Rivers in the sea. Scientifically it is impossible. A diver, Anatoly Beloshchin, take a picture ‘of the river in the sea’ from a depth of 60 meters of water cenote Angelita, Mexico.

As reported by, at a depth of more than 30 yards a team of divers find fresh water in the middle of the ocean water column. Conditions were changed and divers recovered a sea water began to pass a depth of 60 meters.

A few yards from the site will find a cave. At the bottom near the cave diving team discovered a river complete with trees and foliage that floats on the water column.

It turns out that location is not a river as seen on the mainland. However, the atmosphere was similar to the river complete with layers, such as brownish colored water.

But wait, it is not a brownish color comes from fresh water. Mentioned, part of a similar brownish river water is the bottom layer of hydrogen sulfide gas. The gas usually produced from sewage.

Overall, the team of divers discovered it was a very surprising and amazing to look at.

“At a depth of 60 meters I found the back of the sea. I saw a river, island, complete with falling leaves. But the river that we see is a layer of hydrogen sulfide gas, “said Anatoly.