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Mystery Ririn Dumin, Genuine or Only Product Marketing Strategy?

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Mid-February, when the netter busy talking about Rana and Marsha who became Trending Topics on Twitter because they are controversial status, there was one young girl who also became a byword in many blogs and social media.

His name Ririn Dumin (abbreviated so Rindu), 22 years old, long straight-haired woman who becomes obsessed artist and achieved his goal after going through a struggle that touching. Initially, Ririn comes through the free blog called “rindumenujubintang” with writing the first airing on January 18, 2010. There Ririn introduces himself as someone who likes acting and wants to be commercials.

Ririn began siphoning the attention of bloggers and nettizen after showing a video on YouTube and his blog on February 15, 2010. In the video, with full confidence Ririn introduce myself as someone who is obsessed to be commercials. Before the video appeared, Ririn talked about movies and the hobby of watching it and stuck the story on the way to the casting in three different posts.

“Well, Ririn tuh want nunjukin to everything, within 20 days, Ririn could be commercials,” he said in a video recorded by a friend named Robbie.

After that, Ririn Dumin regularly posting seven other video until March 3, 2010. In his last video, Ririn announced that the next few days, first starring ad will be aired on television stations starting on March 7, 2010, exactly 20 days since the video first circulated.

Boyke, one who enjoyed the series nettizen Ririn videos through blogs, claimed amazed by the perseverance and hard work of a Ririn. For him, Ririn is one of the many ordinary people who struggled to reach his goal.

“The impression one does all kinds. Some say it’s useless because of her acting normal, but there is also love the support, “he said.

However, once Boyke’s appearance Dumin Ririn in drug advertising, he believed that he had seen so far is just a fictional character named Ririn Dumin made by the advertising man. Video Ririn Dumin nothing but a teaser ad in the new format that is packaged in a reality show.

“At first I thought it was real. But it was just part of doang advertising, “said Boyke the day-to-day work as a programmer in Jakarta, Wednesday (17/3/2010) yesterday.

As disclosed Boyke, ads in the identities of characters caught Ririn clear from the use of the word Ririn Dumin behind the name (and abbreviated so Love) on blogs and video.

However, another possibility, Ririn is the original figure of the star on his way to meet with an advertising agency as a star mendapuknya Dumin ad. The agency then asked Ririn add words Dumin behind him, then pointed it to create a blog and videos as part of viral marketing concept by utilizing social media to the fullest.

In addition to passing on blogs and YouTube videos, Ririn also use Twitter (380 followers) and Facebook, complete with fan page that already has 4,000 fans.

At the forum Kaskus, a newcomer named Fitrihas make a special thread Ririn Dumin with the title “[NO REPOST] Ririn Dumin Artist” which will be popular and not arrogant. Not to forget, Fitri Ririn placing photographs that originally failed to appear, but could eventually appear in the next post.

Not enough activities in cyberspace, Ririn also heavily promoted in the real world by spreading posters in major cities such as Bandung and Jakarta. The poster contains the ad itself that is looking for opportunities commercials. It also listed the phone number 0878 8018 0145 Ririn in which when contacted always answered by a machine that says, Ririn can not answer the phone because it was part casting.

Online and offline activities conducted by Ririn impressed together and complement each other. Likely that campaign is not done only by one person, let alone to spread so many posters in two major cities with a fairly uniform rate of spread in almost all regions.

Regardless whether or not the original figure of Ririn Dumin, promotional activities undertaken by Dumin capable of producing a viral (read: word of mouth) among bloggers and nettizen. Ririn become a byword that continues to be discussed today.

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