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Mystery of UFO sightings in Sydney

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UFO sightings in the sky like a flying saucer Sydney, Australia perpetuated a mother, Fiona Hartigan. There are agreed to photograph the mysterious UFO objects, but for skeptics, black dots are just dust.

UFO expert – in charge of investigating the signs of the existence of aliens and secret reports ‘X-Files’ expressed her opinion.

Bill Chalker, who dedicated 35 years of his life investigating UFO sightings and alien abduction, professes to believe that immortalized Hartigan sightings are real, not engineering.

Chalker Apparently not alone. Nearly 60 percent of online poll respondents also believed that the mysterious object was a UFO. Some of them even claim to see mysterious objects – the same as that seen Hartigan.

One of them, the mother of two children, Anne Hamnett said he witnessed the bizarre incident at his home in a remote area near Gloucester, on Sunday evening.

At that time, she and her two children, outside the classroom, the lapse of a few hours after Hartigan see UFO sightings.

The UFO hovered for 30 minutes, before finally disappearing.

“I never believe in UFOs, but what I see is really incredible, I’ve never met before,” said Hamnett like loaded the Daily Telegraph, Thursday, March 25, 2010.

“It was a reddish orange – and form a straight line formation with other UFO. I can not explain what it is, “he added.

Description Hamnett will be recorded in the catalog of UFO sightings in New South Wales collected since 1868.

Chalker admitted always come to the location of UFO sightings and take soil samples at locations believed to be a UFO landing site.

“Often the physical traces left behind, footprints on the ground or even some mysterious object. I am only interested in the case of sightings that have strong supporting evidence, “he said.

“Most UFO sightings can be explained with reason, but some of them do not come in,” said Chalker.

Previously, Hartigan said UFO sightings occurred when he was just coming out of his car on Sunday evening when the incident occurred amazing. He was from the beginning was intended to capture views of the sunset.

“When I was photographing it, suddenly the black body was visible, floating, and moving,” said Hartigan, like dimual page, 24 March 2010.

“At first, it is about 800 meters from me, and then close up to 400 meters. Later, two other small round objects emerging from light-colored bright orange, “said Hartigan.

As it happened, the story of Hartigan, the atmosphere in quiet surroundings. “There is no sound, the atmosphere is calm, but mysterious,” he said.

Added Hartigan, major UFO object disappeared over the area of ??Governor Macquarie in Chipping Norton. The other two sped toward the other.