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Bloody Mystery Glaciers in the Antarctic Continent

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Lately, panoramic Glacier Blood appears again in a location of the Antarctic continent. This phenomenon is located in Mc Murdo Dry Valleys are famous for vast areas without ice, is one of the most unique on the continent of Antarctica.

Although the valley is located at the South Pole, but rarely ever there is a layer of ice, because the winds that sweep into the valley with the speed (storm) 320 km / h can grab all the moisture.

When someone walked alone up the valley, after a dead penguins and other animals, could eventually see a glacier “Blood”.

It is said that the bloody glacier discovered by Robert Scott’s expedition team in 1911, it was later shown to result from iron pengoksidasian.

Reportedly, any period of time, the glacier can shoot clear fluid that is rich in iron oxidation occurs then immediately became dark red that menggiriskan.

Discover Magazine said, the fluid comes from lake brines rich in salt at a depth of 390 meters of ice.

Recent research has found there are bacteria in such a difficult situation dependent agent sulfur and iron compounds.

According to researchers, since the glacier was born from the lake, creating an ecological environment that is so cold, dark and without oxygen. Such groups of bacteria has been isolated for 150 million years.

Furthermore the scientists also think, bloody glaciers produced by the bacteria living there is the possibility that extraterrestrial life in our solar system, for example under the polar ice sheets and the planet Mars (a month’s) Jupiter is also the possibility of life there.