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Meebo Launches Geolocation Tool

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Geolocation Services are central in demand today. That’s why, I wonder if Meebo, a popular instant messaging platforms, are interested in launching a web-based Geolocation tool.

Given Geolocation services currently competing, of course, Meebo had to offer something different. Meebo Geolocation feature allows users to check in two different places, but the service is intended to check in on the internet.

In other words, Meebo Geolocation feature offers the ability to check in on two sites at once. For example, when users check in at Starbucks uses Foursquare or Facebook Places, they also can display the check in is on site or personal blog.

Tool in the form of a browser extension called Meebo MiniBar this can be downloaded. If already installed, users can perform check in ‘double’ in 8000 the site has teamed up with Meebo. But for now, Meebo new Minibar available for Firefox and Chrome.

Meebo minibar operates like Foursquare and Facebook Places. But of course, for on the internet. When visiting a site and check in, the user can see the check in their activities and find content that divided other people who also had checked in to the site.

“This is our solution in helping people navigate socially in the web, find the new site and allows the site to provide rewards for loyal visitors,” said the chief executive of Meebo, Seth Sternberg.

With very confident he then added that because the service has reached one third of the U.S. Internet population (USA), according to Meebo allows a large number of people find certain content with their friends and anyone else who has similar interests. (