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Heart of Man With First Portable in the World’s

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Charles Okeke, 43 years old man from Phoenix Arizona, United States, never thought would be the first to hold a “man berjantung artificial”.

Already bears the title two years later, he got after his body rejected the transplanted heart of her existence, since the age of 30 years. Since then, life Okeke This is the Man With Artificial Heart Portable First Duniabergantung to the weighing machine 181 kg.

For about two years, he must live at the Mayo Clinic Hospital Phoenix, because it must always be close to the machine about the size of washing machines, which play a role supplying blood throughout the body.

Fortunately, medical device companies SynCardia succeeded in making artificial heart of the world’s smallest service, the Total Artificial Heart. Government agencies in food and medicine has just approved the use of these tools, and Okeke be the first to use a portable device, can be taken anywhere, weighing approximately 6 kg of it.

The size of this artificial heart could be much smaller than previous devices because it uses sensors are also shrinking.

“Sensors are used to big-sized cans of soup, now of only one quarter. This allows us to reduce the size of the console, “said Steven Langford of SynCardia.

Portable artificial heart SynCardia was sold for U.S. $ 125,000 with maintenance fees of U.S. $ 18,000 per year. Powered by a battery, and equipped with four valves, this tool replaces the role of the ventricles of the heart to pump blood to the various other organs like the liver, or kidneys.

Thanks to the total artificial heart, Okeke now be able to leave hospital and return home he had left for two years. He can move more freely, because the artificial heart he tenteng can now go anywhere in the backpack.

“Now I was a happy man, as you see today. I can sleep in my own bed after two years of sleeping in the hospital, “.” Okeke said.

Okeke still must train hard to maintain his fitness, while still waiting for the heart from the donor to be transplanted back into her body. But, as long as he has not found the right heart, doctors allow it to use a portable artificial heart is, until the time is not unlimited.