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Mama Laurent Dies

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Paranormal famous, Mama Lauren passed away on Monday at around 21:37 at PGI Cikini Hospital in Central Jakarta JL Raden Saleh.

Hospital information officer points out, Mama Lauren who is 78 years old hospitalized since Sunday (16 / 5) afternoon.

Menyemayamkannya deceased family at the funeral home later in the Housing Cipinang Indah II, Blok GG No. 2, Kalimalang, East Jakarta. According to information, Mama Lauren’s body will be buried at TPU Menteng Pulo Jakarta on Tuesday (18 / 5) afternoon.

The presence or emergence Mama Lauren always waiting for people, especially before the new year. On New Year’s Eve, Mama Lauren is never absent predict what will happen in the next year.

The data collected by states, Mama Lauren was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, January 23, 1932. Women’s Dutch ancestry with the name Laurentia was in Indonesia since 1953.

At the age of three months, Lauren’s mother had left. Several years later, his father died from traffic accidents. Since then, Lauren lived with the great great grandmother, Antoineta in Belgium. Antoineta was the most important role in the life of Lauren’s childhood.

Lauren obtained a “hearing” was the first time in 1939. Lauren is the middle of the class of elementary school suddenly heard a whisper. That whisper told him to get out of class. Lauren was shocked and immediately convey what he heard to the mother a teacher. However, the teacher thought Lauren was a trick. Inevitably, Lauren scolded and driven home.

A few days later, Lauren heard his school destroyed by bombs. Hundreds of people were killed in the incident. Indeed, when it’s World War II broke out not long ago.

Since then, Lauren began to realize that he was different. Before the horrific events actually happened, said Lauren had to first find out through the “vision” or “hearing”. Not infrequently Lauren considered a strange little girl. In fact, Lauren was dubbed witches who ride broomsticks.

At the age of 12 years, Lauren truly believes that he has a sixth sense. Antoinet explained to Lauren that they are descendants of the gypsy. They were awarded a special talent to be able to see the future.

Lauren and Antoineta beautiful journey did not last too long. When Lauren was 13 years old, must give up the departure Antoineta very loved. At the age of 16, Lauren lived alone.

After the death Antoineta, a relative include Lauren into a dormitory. However, when Lauren was living there, he chills with dorm rules. Lauren had run away after a week living in a dormitory.

In 1953, Lauren left the country of his birth to Indonesia to follow Natakusuma, her husband who married in 1952 at the age of just 20 years old Lauren.

The two met at the University of Leuven, Belgium. Upon arrival in Indonesia, where foreign-paced, Lauren tried to adapt, language, food and culture.

For five years, they kept moving from one rented house to another rented house. New in 1958, Natakusuma, invites Lauren moved to Kotabumi, North Lampung. For two years they lived on the plantation.