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Five World Prosperous State

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A total of five countries occupy the top positions that have a population with the highest level of wealth in the world.

It was stated in the report “Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report” recently published by the top financial research institute, Institute of Credit Suisse headquarters in Switzerland.

According to the report, five countries that occupy the top position with an average wealth of over U.S. $ 250 thousand or Rp2, 3 billion per person. The five countries are Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Singapore and France.

Meanwhile, countries with larger economies like the United States, Japan, Britain and Canada the average wealth of its population of about U.S. $ 200 thousand per adult.

Here are the details of the five countries with an average population of the world’s super wealthy.

Switzerland occupies the top position as the country with a population with the highest average wealth of the world, which is equal to U.S. $ 372 thousand per adult. In fact, from a total of 6 million adults, as many as 230 thousand of whom have average assets of more than U.S. $ 1 million. Meanwhile, the total gross domestic product (GDP) per adult for U.S. $ 88.5 thousand.

Most people in Switzerland tajir put his wealth in the form of an 43-percent of non-financial assets such as property, while 57 percent of financial investment instruments.


Norway ranks second as a home for people who have the highest average wealth of the world. Norway as well as Denmark, Finland and Sweden which is a country with an average population of high earners in the world. Wealth Norwagia average citizen exceeds Australian citizen of U.S. $ 321 thousand, but still below the Swiss U.S. $ 372 thousand every adult.


Australia ranks third from the wealth of the adult population, an average of U.S. $ 321 thousand per adult. The wealth of Australians or 64 per cent mostly in the form of property, which is about U.S. $ 261 thousand. The total wealth of 16 million adult population of Australia by $ 5.1 trillion.

A total of 740 thousand people in Australia are also classified as millionaires, who have a wealth of more than U.S. $ 1 million. This puts the country Kangaroo contributed 3 percent of the total of millionaires around the world. In Australia, there is no resident who has a wealth of under U.S. $ 1000.


Family wealth in Singapore experienced significant growth in a decade from an average of U.S. $ 105 thousand to around U.S. $ 255 thousand in 2010. This puts Singapore in fourth position as the country with the highest levels of wealth per adult. Their property is generally stored in form of half and half again in the form of property in the form of financial instruments, such as deposits, stocks and other financial instruments.

Only 2.4 percent of adults in Singapore, amounting to 4 million people who have a wealth of under U.S. $ 1000 per person. The majority or 54 percent have a treasure in the range U.S. $ 10000-100000 per adult. Meanwhile, who has a wealth of more than U.S. $ 100 thousand, totaling more than 20.8 percent of the adult population. The total wealth of the citizens of Singapore for U.S. $ 0.9 trillion.


The number of wealthy people in France grew significantly since 2000. The average wealth of citizens of France reached U.S. $ 255 thousand per adult so that puts France in fifth place in the world. The total wealth of 47 million French adults to reach U.S. $ 12.1 trillion.

Most of their wealth due to the appreciation of the exchange rate of euro against the dollar. However, the increase in the price of property assets contribute two thirds of French people of wealth. A total of 2.2 million French citizens classified as millionaires who own property more than $ 1 million per person.