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Online Selling Tips on the Internet

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Entering the era of transformation from conventional shopping to the e-commerce, few people now begin to rack my brain to do business online. However, before starting a business “dotkom”, there are some fundamental things that need to be known.

Like the conventional selling, location becomes an important factor determining successful business that will spin the wheel. Traditional markets, shopping centers (trade center), until the mall become a mainstay locations to sell conventional.

Meanwhile, in cyberspace, the location is determined by the domain. “The domain name does not need long, one or two words are enough, so easy to remember. For example, or, “said Nukman Lutfie, chief executive officer (CEO), in between the Women Entrepreneurial Workshop 2010/2011 held by PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI)-Femina, Jakarta, Saturday 22 May 2010.

“Importantly, the products displayed on display online store must be available, and can be sent immediately to the buyer,” he said.

In addition to locations, containers or packages of goods and its delivery become an important key for online stores. Therefore, an online store different from conventional stores, where consumers can get the desired items directly.

“Although the product should be shown as good as possible in order to attract buyers, the quality of products delivered to the buyer must also comply with the promised at an online store,” explained Nukman.

However, an interesting product and packaging is nothing without the support of good customer service. “You must build an online lifestyle. You must have good customer service, either through chat, e-mail, SMS, or phone, “he said.

“If the goods are shipped defective or damaged, you as the owner of the store should be willing to replace or accept return of goods from the buyer. This is very important to maintain consumer confidence in the quality of your products and services, “said Nukman.