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Jepara Furniture as the Unique Handicraft of Indonesia

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You may still do not know that the Central Java, Indonesia, has industrial centres that the uniqueness is difficult to duplicate. This is a tremendous potential to be developed, so its contribution to the economy and Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace of this region could be more significant. The economic pulse of Central Java is very thick colour growing industrial centres in several districts in this region.

Interestingly, each has a unique industrial centre so that they are not easily imitated by other regions, even other countries. Of course, this is an economic potential that should be encouraged to continue its growth over time are increasingly able to contribute significantly to regional and national economy. The Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace should take this chance to enhance the Indonesian products popularity.

You should know the Jepara wood carving, which is able to penetrate Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace and export markets in various countries and cities. It is situated in the northern part of Central Java, and it is a famous place for furniture industries (wood) carvings. Total value of the furniture industry business in this city in 2006 is recorded USD 1.3 trillion.

The number of companies involved in this industry reached 518 companies, while the number of 27 271 person workforce. And, approximately 60% of Jepara furniture products are sold to overseas markets and the rest to the domestic market of the Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace

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