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Willys Jeep Giant Artificial Syekh Arab

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Check out the photo illustration of this news. Yes it is real, not processed photos. This photo is genuine. That is a giant replica of the car.

Replication of the car was owned by philanthropist, Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. He who has a giant replica Willys Jeep, a car we saw the largest ever since its birth in the past. Look at the size, and obviously it is a picture of the original.

Al Nahyan who is also a member of the royal United Arab Emirates, as reported by Topspeed on Monday (4/12/2010) in addition to generous too crazy car.

There are some interesting facts about this man that makes us chuckle admiringly. For starters, he recorded as a person who has a collection of cars in the world which reached 200 cars.

He saves all cars collection at a private garage, which is actually a pyramid that is outside Abu Dhabi. Not stingy, he is also kind enough to provide the opportunity for the public to view the collection.

To better explain the madness in the car, she had bought seven SEL Mercedes models in 1983 for the simple reason that he wanted to wear one for every day of the week.

The Sheikh also to build a home modifications Ginormous Motor Homes, where one works of art from home modifications are replica Willys Jeep is as high as 21 feet.

He also previously never made a replica of the world’s largest truck, also built a replica of the Dodge Power Wagon, which has four bedrooms in it. Wow!