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Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Certification

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You should know that the demands on the supply of certified wood furniture from the international markets especially from the United States and the European Union from day to day always be increasing. Parties urged that a foreign buyer of each product exports, particularly furniture from Indonesia has certificate from a variety of practices to avoid the entry of wood products of unknown origin (dark / illegal logging). I guess this is something that can give a good chance for Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace is they can get that certification to be more trusted by international customers.

Certification of this product will also help the manufacturers and Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace of furniture repairing and maintaining its access to international markets. The demand is certified until now getting stronger. But until now there has been no denial of export products that have not been certified furniture.

Furthermore, there are 40 producers of furniture that is working to achieve certification from Smart Wood, acting as certifier furniture manufacturer in the Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace. But since July 2007 and until now there have been at least nine furniture manufacturers who have achieved certification.

I believe that the demands of international markets is precisely the future will bring many benefits to Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace. It can be a strategy to maintain the market in the destination country and open up market access there.