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Piton Splashy Dead Appointed Pake Excavators

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Photos Piton snake species (Python reticulatus) in a dead condition and removed using excavators, make a scene the user up and become the talk of the mailing lists of workers in East Kalimantan. It’s just, can not ascertain the truth of this news.

According to a posting this giant snake photos on Facebook, this photo he got from a colleague who worked in mining contracting company.

“Its location in the Upper Land, near Kotabangun, aquatic mammal. This photo has been spread on the mailing list of heavy equipment rental company employees that. I was just told. Problem is true or not, I also could not tell, “said Mardiono, a resident of Aberdeen which had posted photographs of this giant python.

Kalimantan hinterland forests still inhabited by a giant snake is suspected that the long length can reach tens of meters. Phyton life spread from Africa to Southeast Asia. Of all types of python, Python reticulatus is the longest found in southeast Asia to the peninsula of Sulawesi.

Snake species are known as Python reticulatus flowers, Python batik, or wetland snakes. Its length can reach tens of meters. Burma and ball python Python (Ball Python) size is not as long as there is lots reticulatus in natural forests of Indonesia.