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Jenglot scene in Jimbaran Beach Bali

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Residents Labuan Sait Pecatu beach, Jimbaran, Bali shocked by the discovery of a pair of mysterious tomb among the coral beach.

The tomb was first discovered by Army officers Wista Pecatu Labuan Sait Jimbaran beach while being monitored from the top of the cliff, Friday, May 7, 2010. When turned to the left side, the officer was suspicious of the mysterious mound that turned out to be grave.

After the grave has been dug, a resident found three specimens in the form of a mermaid small size and long hair wrapped in white cloth and two more in the form Jenglot with sleeping and sitting cross-legged position with the length of each about 40 centimeters (cm).

Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the location of the discovery of the tomb of a fragrant smell mixed with the smell of corpses.

Customary Bendesa Pecatu, I Wayan Rebong said this discovery is the first event in the region so it will deliberate on first with its citizens if it should menghanyutkannya into the sea.

“This is the first time in our village. Would it be washed away to sea or not we musyawarahkan used by residents. In the meantime our corpses are put in place and awaiting the results of his findings, “he said.

The discovery of this mysterious tomb was made ??of tourists who enjoy the holiday feeling disturbed.



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