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Human-faced Fish Uproar in Britain

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Owner and pet can be so similar to each other. However, for Brendan O ‘Sullivan is probably bad news.

Goldfish she raised, more and more alarming. Fish skin complexion on it increasingly resembles a human face.

Former 44-year-old butcher was buying goldfish ‘ghost’ was about five months ago. However, only about a week he realized there was something strange on the fish.

“The cold weather earlier this year made ??me no time to observe the fish,” said O’Sullivan in Dagenham, Essex, such as pages loaded the Daily Mail, Saturday, July 3RBC4 battery

“Last week, when I was sunbathing in the backyard, I poked my head into the pool, just as the strange fish swimming toward me.”

O’Sullivan suddenly surprised. “I could see clearly, there is a picture of two eyes, nose, and mouth,” he said.

At first he just unsure. He thinks under any illusions – from the sting of sunlight when sunbathing.

Goldfish is believed to have a man in his image, but nothing is as clear as this.

The good news for O’Sullivan, oddly enough fish now costs predicted to soar. Now, the fish was worth £ 40,000