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‘Hacker’ Supporting Susno Duadji Damaged 60 Sites

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Cyber-Resistance or opposition of the people in the virtual world to the imprisonment of former Kabareskrim, Komjen (Pol) Susno Duadji, the more massive.

The supporters made the son Susno Pagaralam area, South Sumatra, is as an icon of resistance against the irregularities of law enforcement in Indonesia. Whatever the motive, Susno whistle-blower who leaked were many indications of irregularities in the Police Headquarters of the body when handling cases involving big-money cases billions of dollars.

They feel comfortable with my idol Duadji Susno poster from the blog page of a blogger, Yosbeda, then put it on sites that were damaged.

There are at least 60 sites that were damaged through Friday (14/05/2010) evening. That number could be growing. However, most of the 60 sites already exist that try to be repaired so that the messages hackers (hackers), Indonesia is no longer legible. This is a list of sites that were damaged, as circulated in a number of mailing lists: