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Gogo2011 Kobamusaji

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gogo2011 kobamusaji – Search engine optimization or so called seo is a kind of strategy to make the work of website becomes effective. Website is a kind of globally network means. If people have a website, they will be able to have global network. Today, there are many people use website for their business importance. Many businessmen think that using website is an effective strategy for developing their business. They can keep close to the customers. They will be able to reach untouchable customers, etc. Back to the seo, there are many search engine optimization experts today. All of them are competing to give effective service for clients. This article will talk about seo contest called gogo2011 kobamusaji. Here it is a brief informational overview about it.

This kind of contest is aimed at finding the most skillful SEO doers. This contest is held in March 2011. It is a chance for seo experts to join and show their talent in this contest. It invites both of the seo enthusiast and bloggers. For those who are success in winning the game, there is categories of prizes available for first, second, and third position. For the first position or rank, the winner will be awarded with US$350. For the second winner, the winner will be awarded with US$100. For the third winner, the winner will get US$50. The game or competition will start at March 20th. The registration for gogo2011 kobamusaji will be opened at 15th of March.

The unregistered players won’t be counted for listing and ranking. There are some rulers for the participants of this SEO contest. The players can use any languages. The players aren’t’ allowed to post the rules at the game. The keyword used is gogo2011 kobamusaji. The players must include the phrase for the entries. Those are the brief overview about the seo contest in 2011, seo Contest gogo2011 kobamusaji organized by Inbound Marketing Indonesia.