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Accused of Killing hordes To Sell Fat Man

Accused of Killing hordes To Sell Fat Man

Peru police this week said they had uncovered a gang that allegedly killed dozens of people and sell them to buyers of fat used to make cosmetics.

Four people were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Peru, killing and smuggling of human fat.

The group collected the human fat store it in the water and soda bottles, the police disclosed to reporters.

“There are some people that we hold and have been saying and saying how they killed people in order to absorb their fat in the laboratory elementary and sell it,” said Police Commander Angel Toleda.

In addition to arresting the men, police said they are looking for a few more people who bought the fat from the mob and may have to process them.

Framework some of the victims found in one house in a village in the Huanuco region, where the group operates, so the police videotape.

Police said they are investigating 60 people missing in the area who may have a connection with the gang.

The investigation began in early November, after police heard about the delivery of fat that arrived in Lima by bus from the mountains of Peru.




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