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Girls 17 Year How Boy A year

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You probably will not ever think that the little girl in the picture is actually 17 years old. As a result of suffering from a disorder, a girl named Brooke Greenberg is like being trapped body and soul in the body of a child aged one year.

Brooke, who was born in the town of Reistertown, Baltimore, United States, have abnormalities in growth both physically and mentally. Her body is only 30 inches tall and mind like a child aged one year.

At birth, there is no singularity that appears on Brooke. However, before the age of two years, she suffered a series of events could not be explained medically. With age her parents, Melanie and Howard, are increasingly recognizing that these children do not grow and develop normally.

Doctors can not provide a medical explanation of the disorder experienced by Brooke. However, they believe that most parts of his body is not developed and coordinated as they should. Brooke could actually move and recognize the voice, but he could not speak. The bone was similar to 10-year-old child, but her teeth still like a baby.

The doctor is really confused with this disorder. They also had time to think Brooke suffered from a disease called Syndrome X. However, an initial study on its DNA indicate that the failure of growth and development experienced by Brooke might be related to a defect genes also play a role in human aging process in general.

The researchers hope that, with further analyze the DNA of Brooke, will be found an early indication of the aging process and can even create a new therapy and treatment for diseases associated with old age.

According to the plan, leading scientists from different parts of the world will gather in a conference in London, England, this weekend. They will discuss a number of findings related to the disorder experienced by Brooke.