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Photos of the Apparitions at Fort Gwrych

Photos of the Apparitions at Fort Gwrych

A ghost sightings may indeed often the case. This time a similar incident occurred again in a castle that has been built since 1819.

The castle is a building which has been a special place for the surrounding community. But it can not be denied that the building is indeed very famous “haunted” in the United Kingdom.

The white-clad figure of a girl apparently was in the first floor. The legend says the first floor is a magnificent banquet at the castle is still used in zamanya.

The floors of these rooms have been destroyed long ago. And the floor is believed that many sightings.

Kevin’s company boss Horkin take photos at Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales, but only saw a ghost when he downloaded his pictures later.

Kevin Horkin who took pictures from one corner of Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales, completely unaware of any sightings while taking the photo.

Kevin (48) said, “I felt a presence there. I felt when I first arrived in the area of ??the building was cold. But the atmosphere became warm when I menginjakan to nearby buildings. It is strange that time”.

“There seems to be a sense of tragedy in there.”

Kevin, believes that figure is someone who has lived in the palace. He plans to further investigate the ghost hunter denganTim

Paranormal Research Group said many sightings have often occurred in Gwrych.

The fort, built in 1819, has been dormant since 1985.





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