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New Superman Film Produced Soon

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Usually Superman is a hero rescuer, but since the movie Superman Returns failed in the market in 2006, apparently the continuity of the superhero that was not possible to be saved.

Therefore, Hollywood called ‘man of steel’ them, Christopher Nolan, to revive the superhero as he has done in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. For the first time, told the LA Times, director, writer, and British producer was expressing his plan to produce the latest Superman movie as well as his intention to make a sequel to the third and final story of Batman.

Nolan admitted the idea to create a new Superman movie came when he was working on the script for the next Batman movie. Moreover, David Goyer, who has made two films together Nolan’s script, submitted a proposal about the story that they can present to Superman.

“He told me that he had the idea for the latest story of Superman,” says Nolan. “Right then I immediately agreed and liked it because it is a story that is not thought about before by me. I also believe this story would make a Superman movie to be very interesting, “added Nolan.